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Moving Ahead: Beach Houses Development Update

Work is continuing in earnest at Beach Houses with floor slabs poured for units 4122/23 and block walls are currently being erected. Foundations and backfilling for units 4124/25 have been completed and services are being installed, while unit 4126/27’s foundations are being prepared and will be poured in the coming week.

Formation of the ground is currently being prepared for unit 4128/29 to allow foundations to start soon after and backfilling has been done. Services in the ground floor slab are being installed for unit 4130/31. Unit 4132/33’s floor slab is currently being poured to allow block walls to begin.

The roof membrane of 4134/35 has been installed and ceiling structures have been built while 4138/39’s roof membrane has been completed along with the first fix services.

The team has also commenced work to the retaining wall and road directly opposite unit 4138/39 and has advanced the main surface water drainage channels.

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