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Continuing to Advance – Beach Houses Development Update

Beach Houses Phase 1 continues to advance!

Externally, the installation of curbs and services to the section spanning from units 4138/39 to 4130/31 is ongoing in anticipation of these units being completed in late 2019. The remaining section will be completed in tandem with the units anticipated to be completed in early 2020.

Please find updates on the individual units below:

Unit 4120/21 – 4-bedroom unit now available for residential ownership. Inquire today!
Plumbing works to the sub-structure are being installed in preparation for the casting of the floor slab.

Unit 4122/23
Painting and ceiling works are well advanced. Kitchens and cupboards are also largely installed.

Unit 4124/25
Ceilings are being installed and tiling is well advanced. Internal doors have been installed and the team is preparing to commence kitchens and closets.

Unit 4126/27
Ceilings are expected to be completed in the coming month. Tiling is well advanced with the internal doors largely installed.

Unit 4128/29
External doors and windows are largely completed. Services above ceilings are also well advanced to allow these to be closed up in the coming month. External render has been completed and priming and painting have commenced.

Unit 4130/31
Ceilings are largely completed. Some tiling works remain in the main areas but the washrooms are well advanced. Windows and doors are completed.

Unit 4132/33
Kitchen and cupboard installation continues. Tiling is near completion. Lighting cables and related works have started in advance of light installations.

Unit 4134/35
Counter-tops are complete and cabinets and kitchens are expected to be completed shortly. The team is preparing to clean ahead of final coats and sanitary ware. Pool tiling works will commence in the coming month.

Unit 4138/39

Snagging of the unit is continuing and sanitary ware installation is well advanced. Appliances are also being installed now. External landscaping areas are being prepared for backfilling and planting.

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