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Significant Headway Made! – Beach Houses Development Update

Beach Houses Phase 1 is progressing!

Significant headway has been made on external works over the past month. Sewage treatment systems are all now installed and most of the drainage connections are in place. The front of the Model Home has also been excavated to allow the installation of the remaining services in this area.

Road works along the front of the units have also commenced and the team is progressing the retaining wall structure in front of units 4128/29 and 4130/31.

Please find updates on the individual units below:

Unit 4120/21 – Available for residential ownership. Inquire today!
This unit is now planned as a four-bedroom villa and our design team is currently finalising the revisions necessary to adjust the completed foundations and substructure.

Unit 4122/23
Walls have been slicked and paint priming has commenced. Ceilings are also largely complete. Internal doors are installed and decoration is ongoing. Preparations are now ongoing for the installation of kitchens and cupboards in the coming month.

Unit 4124/25
The pool deck has been prepared and is ready for concrete pour ahead of tiling. Ceilings are largely complete. Internal doors are also installed. Internal tiling is mostly complete and walls are ready to commence finishing works.

Unit 4126/27
External tiling to the front of the unit is complete along with most of the internal tiling. External windows and doors have been installed along with the internal doors. Ceiling framing is installed and the team is about to commence boarding works.

Unit 4128/29
Ceiling framing internally is complete and 1st Fix services are well advanced. Ductwork above ceilings is also being installed for air conditioning equipment. Rendering to walls is largely complete internally and the installation of windows and doors to the external envelope is progressing. Roof screed above the membrane is also now complete.

Unit 4130/31
Preparation is ongoing for tiling works.

Unit 4132/33
Internal walls are being slicked in preparation for decoration. Ceilings have also been installed and boarded, and are currently being prepared for lighting installation. Tiling is largely complete.

Unit 4134/35
Kitchens and cupboards are currently being installed. Decoration is well advanced on the walls and ceilings and lighting has been installed. Tiling is largely complete.

Unit 4138/39

Installation of external pergola structures is ongoing ahead of landscaping. Internally, snagging is ongoing in preparation for sanitary ware installations.

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