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The Concept

A secluded, low density and eco-friendly development overlooking Barbados’ Skeete’s Bay Beach and Culpepper Island, Beach Houses has been purposefully designed to accentuate the property’s exclusive location on the 1% of the East Coast that remains outside of the island’s National Park. On completion, Beach Houses will feature free-standing ‘beach houses’ terraced down a gently sloping, 50-acre hillside, with each villa sitting on approximately 1/5 of an acre of land and commanding breathtaking ocean views.

Why Buy in Barbados?

Barbados’ sunny shores have long beckoned as an investor haven, with the island’s attractive proposition of sun, sea and steady capital appreciation as the biggest drawing card for luxury real estate investors.

From outstanding health care to world-class telecommunications and utilities, Barbados checks all the boxes of solid infrastructure, but it is the island’s unique charm that continues to attract real estate buyers. Barbados’ welcoming culture, rich history and of course, its endless beaches, promise a truly relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle.

The island offers ease of access from all international markets, supporting high year-round rental income potential from a strong and growing tourism sector. And, no need to worry about being a non-national purchasing real-estate; much like its citizens, the Government of Barbados is extremely friendly to non-nationals, imposing no restrictions on the purchase of Barbados real estate. Non-nationals who wish to stay in the island for periods longer than six (6) months continuously may simply require a Special Entry & Reside Permit.